In the new world of value based care, Aledade partners with independent primary care practices and health plans to participate in risk-based arrangements so that doctors can deliver high quality, affordable care to the communities they serve. In the Aledade model, health plans benefit from a partner that brings together independent primary care physicians to manage population health and value based contracts – in an effective and scalable way. Primary care practices and Aledade only share in savings in the event of demonstrated value and reduced total cost of care. Aledade ACOs focus on delivering preventive care, reducing unnecessary or repetitive care, and coordinating patients’ care throughout the health care system.

Why Sign a Value Based Contract with Aledade?

Aledade Model Offers:

Our Breadth

Allows payers to reach scale with their value based efforts by engaging independent practices. Aledade now partners with over 1,400 primary care providers across ACOs in 18 states, including partnerships with commercial payers in 7 of those states.


Aledade Technology

Our automated work lists prioritize patients based on our proprietary algorithm; now, physician offices are enabled to efficiently outreach to patients most in need of care.The Aledade Platform enables practices to target patients based on the following work lists: patients seen in the Emergency Department, those admitted to the hospital, and patients in need of an Annual Wellness Visit.

Trusted Data Sharing

Through Aledade’s cloud-based, user-friendly technology, health plans and practices can integrate clinical and claims data. Our platform is compatible with over 60 EHR systems and is implemented at all partner practice sites.

Engaged Primary Care Providers

Aledade works with primary care providers who are deeply engaged in practice redesign. All of our partner practices collaborate with local practice transformation teams and national workgroups to develop and implement best practices in care delivery and clinical workflow.

How Does Aledade Compare to MSOs and IPAs?

The Aledade Difference

Aledade Difference

The Aledade Footprint



Payer Partnership


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