Our Patient Promise

With Aledade, patients have the benefit of primary care doctors focused on delivering high-quality personalized care. Our model empowers doctors to do what’s best for their patients and keep them healthy. Aledade puts physicians back where they should be: quarterbacking their patients’ care.

How Patients Benefit from Aledade

In the Aledade Model, Doctors Care for Patients Through:

A Focus on Preventive Care
Aledade’s model enables physicians to focus on keeping patients healthy through preventive care. We help doctors identify patients who need help before serious medical problems arise.

Seamless and Coordinated Care
Aledade’s proprietary, user-friendly technology lets physicians keep track of the care patients receive outside of their office, which in turn enables the primary care physician to be at the center of their patients’ care. Physicians without access to this data often times don’t know when their patients see specialists or get admitted to the hospital.

Patient Centered Approach
All Aledade practices offer same or next-day appointments for patients with urgent needs, and 95 percent of Aledade’s partner physicians provide 24 hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week patient access to an on-call doctor.

Best Practices from our National Network of Doctors
Aledade helps doctors implement best practices learned from our network of over a thousand of primary care doctors. These are solutions to the issues physicians face daily.

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