Aledade equips your practice with an easy-to-use, cutting-edge, cloud-based population health platform that moves you beyond the limits of your EHR system.

Designed specifically for primary care practices, the Aledade Platform empowers your practice to effectively manage the quality and total cost of patients’ care. Without complex installation, our intuitive yet powerful tools integrate seamlessly into your practice and workflow to turn data into clinical action.

Aledade believes that participating in value based programs should not require switching to a new EHR system. We implement our technology platform at every site and provide EHR interfaces at no cost to your practice. Our partner practices currently use 90+ EHR systems covering 70% of the Meaningful Use market share.

The Aledade Platform Gives You The Ability To:

See Beyond the Four Walls of Your Practice

The Aledade Platform delivers integrated data to create visibility across the care continuum. By connecting with local hospitals, health plans, Health Information Exchanges and your EHR, our technology provides a comprehensive view of your patients’ care. Receive real-time alerts when your patients visit the hospital or emergency department, and gain access to detailed information on their prescription orders, procedures, and specialist visits.

Identify and Track Your Most Vulnerable Patients

Effective management of high-risk patients is fundamental to practice’s success, but these patients can be difficult to track and prioritize. The Aledade Platform helps with this process, by automatically flagging and prioritizing the highest-risk patients. Using our technology, practices can pinpoint high-risk cases based on risk score, diagnoses, and psycho-social factors. Detailed utilization and cost reporting tools included in our platform help you track the total cost and quality of care for your most vulnerable patients.

Build Smart Workflows to Close Gaps in Care

The Aledade Platform enables smarter workflow to improve the coordination of patient care and the efficiency of your practice. Our automated worklists help your office track and coordinate outreach to patients for annual wellness visits, emergency department follow-ups, and transitional care-management appointments. The Aledade Platform connects to your patient schedule to provide real-time information on your upcoming patient visits. For patients with chronic conditions, our Care Management tool allows you to create customized intervention plans and collaborate across your practice care team to close gaps in care.

Track Your Outcomes and Progress

The Aledade Platform’s Practice Report tool provides big picture insight on quality and spending for all patients in your practice. Individualized patient reports allow you to track the cost and quality of care for each patient, both inside and outside of your office. With our technology, your practice can track improvements in outcomes, discover changes in care, pinpoint problematic behavior, and prioritize care management efforts to deliver greater savings and impact.

What Practices are Saying About Aledade.

Theresa Walt, LPN

Manager of CCM/TCM, PMA Medical Specialists LLC

Limerick, PA

The Aledade App lets us know when our patients are discharged from the hospital. I use this information to reach out to patients and set up Transitional Care Management (TCM) follow-up visits with them. During these visits, patients receive education, review medications, and make sure they understand how they need to follow up. As a result of the education we’ve provided, patients have now started to call us before they go to the hospital and can often come in for a same day appointment instead of an exhausting and expensive ER visit.

Carla Dieguez

Office Manager, South Lake Primary Care, Florida

The Aledade Platform is powerful and really easy to understand and use. Important information about our patient population that we’ve never had before is now just one click away.