Aledade Announces Carbon Neutrality, Additional Sustainability Efforts

April 22, 2021

Company Commitments Support A Healthier Environment

Bethesda, Md. – April 22, 2021 – Aledade announced today three key sustainability commitments the company is making in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and support a healthier environment. First among them, Aledade announced that, effective immediately, the company is carbon neutral and will ensure the offset of any carbon emissions that cannot be reduced. All of Aledade’s emissions in the first quarter of 2021 will be offset by permanently destroying refrigerant chemicals containing chlorofluorocarbons.

“The health of our environment directly impacts the health of our populations, and our changing climate poses an enormous threat to the wellbeing of current and future generations,” said Mat Kendall, President of Aledade. “Aledade’s commitment to reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions directly supports our mission to improve health and the quality of care for our communities, and we are proud to be taking steps to create a more sustainable health care system.” 

In addition to committing to carbon neutrality, Aledade announced two additional sustainability efforts the company plans to undertake this year. First, the company will reduce its emissions intensity, committing to a ten percent reduction from its pre-COVID baseline. And second, the company will engage with other industry leaders to help them make similar commitments, share best practices, and lobby together for systemic change. 

“Climate change is one of the largest public health challenges facing our world today, and will impact everything from air quality to increasing the likelihood of future pandemics and catastrophic weather events,” said Will Palmisano, a product analyst with Aledade who is leading the company’s sustainability efforts. “We need to ensure that we’re doing business in the most environmentally responsible way possible to combat that threat, and I believe Aledade’s commitments are leading the way for our entire industry.”  

If current emission trends continue, experts project that by 2100, we will see an additional 1.5 million annual premature deaths across the globe due solely to the effects of our changing climate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also predicts that climate change will contribute to more vector-borne diseases like COVID-19, more mental health and stress-related disorders, and increased food insecurity in the future.

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