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Empower your practice with the ability to personalize care for patients with access to data, when and where it’s needed.
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Aledade's services streamline practice management, alleviate billing tasks, and enhance your financial performance.
We understand your challenges.
We understand the frustration and burden you face daily in providing top-quality care while managing the complexities of healthcare administration. Let our qualified team help you.

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ACO Independence
Practice Sustainability
Quality Programs
Patient Care

“Without our resources from value-based care, we would never be able to institute a program like that."

- Dr. Christine Meyer Private Practice, Pennsylvania
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Rediscover the joy of practicing medicine.
Keep your independence as a private practice with a value-based care model that positions you for success.
Sustainable revenues
Capture missed revenue opportunities and diversify your other revenue streams with tools and solutions that allow you to make data-driven decisions about your business and your patients’ health.
Streamlined quality reporting
Significantly reduce your staff’s administrative workload and maximize their time with an exemption from MIPS reporting, plus expert support in MSSP data extraction and CAHPS survey administration.
Better payer contracts
Grow your revenues with the advantage of payer contracts uniquely negotiated to ensure both the best terms for your practice and the delivery of quality, value-based care to more of your patients.
Patient support programs
Give your patients the support they need to manage chronic illnesses, make informed decisions about their care, improve medication adherence, and understand the care plans you develop for them.
Policy guidance

Don’t react to policy and regulatory changes; prepare for them in advance with

The answer to your patients needs and practice efficiency.

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The Aledade Commitment
As a public benefit corporation, our mission to reinvent health care is at the center of every business decision we make. When you join our mission and model, we:


Protect your role as the leader of your patients’ care

Our physician-led ACOs are uniquely designed to empower and protect clinicians as the ‘quarterback’ of their patients’ care by:

  • Advocating and preparing you for policy changes, before they happen
  • Giving you a voice in the leadership of your ACO


Provide the support your staff and patients need

From complementary programs and services, coupled with expert staff training and unparalleled data and analytics, we invest in your success by:

  • Translating big data about your patients into useful information
  • Delivering products that complement your systems, clinicians and payer relationships
  • Including extra resources help your patients make more informed, healthier choices


Share equitably, only making money if you do

We go beyond delivering customized tools, resources and support to ensure your organization’s financial success by:

  • Providing 100% protection from financial downside risk and safeguarding your ACO’s performance
  • Offering options to immediately improve cash flow
  • Never charging hidden fees