Pride Month: Create inclusive spaces for all
June 22, 2022

A Pride Month Q&A with Crystal Estrada, Market Manager of Performance and Operations

How do you celebrate Pride and what does it mean to you?

To me, Pride is about being unapologetically yourself. Pride Month is such a great time to come together and celebrate who we are as individuals and to show up authentically in spaces where we are free to do so with others who understand our perspectives. I celebrate Pride by partaking in these spaces and ensuring that I am always keeping in mind the most marginalized in our community: Black Trans people. We are not free until we are all free.

What can people in healthcare do this Pride Month to raise awareness about important issues that impact the global LGBTQ community?

Lack of access to care is a huge issue – whether it’s due to systemic poverty, insufficient resources or laws that create safety concerns. But there are different interventions to tackle these varying levels and barriers, and I challenge everyone to think about how changes affect people who are different from them. As an example, overturning Roe v Wade would not only affect cis women, but it would also create additional barriers for those who are in need of reproductive health care and already face other barriers to receiving care. 

What are some strategies clinicians and medical staff can follow to promote a positive and healthy environment for colleagues and patients who are LGBTQ?

Do not assume anything! Ask questions to ensure that you are caring for patients in the right way. Judging and shaming never work, so be sure that you are creating a space where patients both feel comfortable sharing details and are able to get the care they need. Building a good physician-patient relationship is something that is core to both Aledade’s work and to ensuring the highest quality of care for patients.