Aledade 153 SC MSSP Enhanced

Andrew Chang

ACO Primary Contact

Aledade Accountable Care 153, LLC

4550 Montgomery Ave, Ste 950N

Bethesda, MD 20814


ACO Pre-Participation Waiver:  N/A

ACO Participation Waiver: 

- Parties to the arrangement: AAC 153, LLC

- Date of arrangement: 6/12/2024

- Items, services, goods, or facility provided:

  • To subsidize the cost of Recipients’ transition to an electronic health records system and to otherwise support other investments in technological infrastructure and redesigned care processes that will enable Recipients to provide better care coordination for patients, including MSSP Beneficiaries.
  • To assist Recipients in operating their clinical practices and providing coordinated care for the ACO Medicare population, which includes without limitation, subsidizing staffing and overtime expenses.
  • To enable Recipients’ improvement in accurate and complete record-keeping, submission, and validation (including diagnosis documentation and coding).
  • To better align Recipients with the overarching purpose of the MSSP, called the “Triple Aim”— better health for populations, better care for individuals, and lower growth in healthcare expenditures.
  • To meet the quality performance standards of the MSSP.