Managing an independent medical group of 10 family practitioners, 32 employees and 85,000 patients is difficult even on the rare day that nothing goes awry by 9:30 AM.  Try adding integration to that daily struggle.  That was my experience in 2008, when I worked as a Clinic Manager and the clinic owner/MDs asked me to come up with a plan to tie-together the electronic health record and onsite lab/imaging, with physical therapy and pharmacy in the same building.  This was no small task.  Life after that day was a blur of template building, interfaces, late nights and workflow changes to keep up with patient communication and needs in a constantly evolving world. Every day, I felt three days behind.  By 2012, the onsite integration was complete.

In 2018, I was introduced to Aledade.  After speaking with Aledade’s founders, my first admittedly skeptical impression was that IF they could actually deliver their vision into a daily operating model, it would revolutionize what limited population health tools I had spent a decade trying to mold. And revolutionize they did!

As the clinic cleared the hurdles of quality standards, clinical thresholds, transition to ICD 10, Meaningful Use and PQRS, I realized that what I had in place was not enough to be successful in the next major evolution from fee-for-service to value-based care.  When I surveyed the clouded horizon of virtual care coordination beyond our clinic’s walls, I learned that Aledade was delivering the patient-specific daily action reports and the visibility across a patient’s entire spectrum of care through its technology platform that had I looked for (and never located) during my 30-year healthcare career. Coupled with weekly in person support from a team of practice transformation specialists, I realized this was population health at its finest!

The Aledade Utah ACO is set up to thrive, with 17 enrolled primary care practices, contracts with Medicare and Regence BlueCross BlueShield, and an unstoppable team that I’m proud to be a part of. In the first performance year, Aledade Utah ACO partner providers have: used wellness visits to fight homelessness and same day appointments to help prevent unnecessary ED visits. I’m inspired by Aledade’s vision of a healthcare system in which independent primary care practices can thrive, and I’m truly excited to see this model grow in Utah.