The Aledade Early Career Program

The Aledade Early Career Program (ECP) is a one year program designed to take individuals with limited professional working experience and ensure they have the foundational knowledge and skills on which to build their career, connections with peers across the company, and a strong understanding of Aledade’s business.
Opportunity for career growth
The year-long program allows early career professionals to learn about various aspects of the company’s business operations, as well as how to operate in a professional environment. The program includes training in core business skills, monthly roundtable discussions to build business acumen, meet leaders, and begin thinking about career paths, as well as social events to connect with peers. Each ECP participant will also have a buddy who is available to help navigate the landscape during their first year. As a growing company, the knowledge, skills, and connections made during ECP provides participants a foundation on which to launch their careers at Aledade.
Teams and leaders dedicated to helping you launch your career
Each Early Career Program participant will become an independent contributing member of the Aledade team. In addition, participants gain a high degree of exposure to management through participation in monthly roundtables and other events. ECP buddies - former program participants - are also available to help ECPers navigate the work, the culture, and the opportunities throughout the course of the program

Early Career Program Job Categories

Early Career Program participants can sit anywhere in Aledade. Titles will vary depending on the team.  They will have the opportunity to collaborate across teams at the discretion of their manager. All Aledade teams work closely together. Early Career Program participants can grow within the role and are also encouraged to apply to open positions on the following teams based on their own interests as well as the current needs at Aledade. Regardless of posting, if the selected candidate has less than two years of full time professional work experience, they will become an ECP participant.
  • Business Development
  • Business Operations (Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Marketing)
  • Provider Networks & Performance
  • Outreach, Network Development, & Marketing
  • Technology (Associate Software Engineers)
  • Product (Implementation, Network Success, Practice Success)
  • Policy
  • Clinical (Evidence-Based Medicine, Quality Improvement, Patient Engagement)

Early Career Program Roundtables

Held monthly, ECP roundtables follow three main topics:

  • Career Journeys - No two career journeys are the same! Participants will hear from colleagues at different levels across Aledade about their own career journeys.
  • Leadership Connections - Participants will  hear directly from Aledade leaders on the things top of their mind and have the opportunity to ask questions to help better connect with Aledade.
  • Business Acumen - Speakers from across the company will join one ECP roundtable each quarter to help further cohort knowledge of the teams that make up Aledade, what they do, and why they do it.

Early Career Program Opportunities

  • Engage in training directly targeted to help build core professional skills.
  • Participate in professional development sessions and develop both hard and soft skills
  • Receive mentoring by leaders across Aledade who are dedicated to helping ECP participants grow professionally
  • Explore opportunities to further connect across Aledade including with Aledade’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Participate in recruiting the next Aledade ECP class

Criteria for Aledade Early Career Professional Participants

  • Applicants must have less than two years of full time work experience prior to joining Aledade.
  • Aledade is a company with an exciting, fast-paced environment. For this position, we are looking for a candidate who is energetic, adaptable, and a team player.
  • See specific roles for more exact criteria
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