Aledade FIRST program to launch in October 2022
July 8, 2022

Health care in the U.S. is rapidly transitioning to a system based on value rather than volume, with overwhelmingly positive results for private primary care practices. Value-based care delivers improved outcomes and reduced costs for patients, as well as long-term sustainability for independent primary care practices, clinics and community health centers (CHCs) through physician-led accountable care organizations (ACOs).

The Aledade FIRST (Fostering Independence, Readiness, Sustainability, and Togetherness) program aims to illuminate the independent primary care pathway by exposing new physicians to value-based care and highlighting opportunities in Aledade member practices, clinics and CHCs. 

This program is intended to welcome the curious and equip the committed with a robust set of value-based primary care skills and exposure. Participants will move through the program in a stepwise fashion, laying the foundation for a successful, well-connected career in value-based primary care.

Beginning October 2022, Aledade will provide up to 20 PGY-2 family medicine residents the opportunity to enter the program and take advantage of an innovative learning experience coupled with financial benefits.
Physicians participating in the program will:

  • Review value-based care and practice management modules
  • Study journal articles
  • Contribute to asynchronous discussion with peers
  • Join physician-lead small group sessions
  • Receive 1:1 mentorship

Participants may also choose to engage in a subsidized onsite clinical experience with one or more Aledade ACO member practices, clinics or CHCs. 

Throughout the program, FIRST participants will be eligible for various financial benefits as well, including monthly stipends, signing bonuses, transitional expenses, and more. At the end of residency training, FIRST participants will be expected to serve for 3-5 years in an Aledade member practice, clinic or CHC of their choice. 

We are currently recruiting for PGY-2 allopathic or osteopathic family medicine residents, specifically in North Carolina. 
We have decided to begin with an emphasis on family medicine because a higher percentage of family medicine residents pursue independent primary care practice relative to other specialties. Our plan is to expand this in future years.

For 2022, we are recruiting family medicine residents in MD and DO programs. We are starting with physicians because of the number of Aledade practices and CHCs who are currently hiring for these roles. While we certainly acknowledge the need for pipeline programs that serve NPs, PAs and other providers, we do not yet have plans to expand in this way. 

We believe we can help create a more efficient, sustainable health care delivery system that’s good for patients, good for practices, and good for society.
By presenting this opportunity, Aledade is helping to drive forward the national transition to a value-based health care system, while also aligning incentives for new physicians, member practices, clinics and CHCs, and residency faculty seeking to augment their existing value-based care practice management curriculum.

Want to learn more about Aledade FIRST?

For those attending the upcoming AAFP National Conference, July 28-30, 2022, in Kansas City, please visit the Aledade booth in the exhibition hall to meet our FIRST team in person and learn more about the program.