Aledade: A Public Benefit Corporation
January 5, 2023

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Aledade’s Board of Directors consider the interests of all stakeholders as well as the company’s specific public benefit purpose. Our Public Benefit Purpose is to deliver better health, better care and lower costs, creating a health care system that is good for patients, good for practices and good for society.

Good for Patients

  • Our network represents 2M+ patients in 46 states1
  • Aledade practices conduct 38% more annual wellness visits than the average practice1
  • Prevented 46,000+ hospitalizations and 81,000+ emergency department visits in 20221
  • Patients of Aledade practices gave their physicians a 92% approval rating. 92% also rated the office staff as helpful and courteous2
  • +4-star 2023 ratings for controlling blood pressure and A1C diabetes care3

Good for Practices

  • Aledade is the nation’s largest network of independent primary care providers, with 1500+ practices spanning private practices, group practices and community health centers1,4
  • Practices earned more than $280 million in shared savings payments in 20223
  • 90% of practices surveyed say partnering with Aledade was either Very or Extremely Important for them to succeed in value-based care5

Good for Society

  • Aledade has saved $1.8B+ in unnecessary health care spending since 20141,6
  • Roughly 45% of our practices are in medically underserved areas6
  • Aledade represented 50% of the top 10 Medicare Shared Savings Plan (MSSP) ACOs by savings rate, and 73 percent of the patients – a significant proportion given that Aledade only represented 7 percent of all patients in MSSP in 20221

Great Place to Work

“Aledade’s public benefit purpose means that we must weigh the interests of our primary care practice partners, their patients, our employees, and those who bear the burden of rising health care costs, alongside those of our shareholders, when we make decisions.”

– Dr. Farzad Mostashari, CEO and Co-Founder

  1. Aledade Saved Medicare More Than $572 Million In 2022
  3. Includes payments made in 2023 across all lines of business; not including 2023 MSSP or majority of 2023 MA contracts
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  5. Based on internal surveys
  6. Aledade Has Saved $1.2 Billion in Health Care Spending.
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