Technology Leaders Bring Passion for Data and Disruption to Help Aledade Scale for Success
December 6, 2023

Two new technologists have recently joined the Aledade team, bringing personal drives to improve health care as well as technical talent and expertise. Meet Ashok Srinivasan, Senior Vice President of Product & Platform, and Mehdi Sharifzadeh, Senior Vice President of Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ashok Srinivasan

My father succumbed to a sudden illness a few years ago, prompting me to think on what could have been done differently. What if our primary care doctor had had access to technology and data that could have enabled early detection, provided effective preventive care and potentially extended my father’s time with our family? It’s a question that has motivated me to reimagine the health care landscape and what drew me to join the Aledade team. 

I’ve spent the past two decades of my career crafting and scaling products and platforms to build data infrastructure, customer engagement, growth, workflows and third party integrations. At Aledade, I am now in a position to support coordinated care by ensuring primary care physicians and specialists have the same current and complete patient information and are able to provide the right interventions at the right time.   

For years, the complexity of the U.S. healthcare system has intrigued me – and I’ve been curious to learn and understand the underlying dynamics, business models and technological possibilities that can revolutionize patient care. Its intricacies, while challenging, present an opportunity for innovation – and, more importantly, to save lives.

Aledade’s mission to deliver outcome-based care and create a win-win-win scenario for patients, practices and society resonates deeply with me, and I am thrilled to join this remarkably humble and passionate leadership team.

Mehdi Sharifzadeh

Like so many others, I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the problems when continuity of care does not occur. At Aledade I am seeing just how disruptive we have the potential to be and know this is a chance for me to address that problem head on.

While I have contributed to many technological advancements in online advertising, data infrastructure and search at Google and Facebook/Meta, it has always puzzled me why health care has not benefited more from those same technologies. When I saw this opportunity at Aledade, multiple things were attractive to me. Yes, the tech, the team, the data and the AI…but more so the ability to impact people’s lives – and their friends’ and families’ lives – for the better. As a technologist, this is the perfect blend of both worlds.

Aledade’s patient identification, worklist ranking and prioritization, practice performance measurement and metric development are all similar in essence to the same components in an ad technology stack. My role will involve bringing the power of AI and machine learning to create opportunities to improve health and reduce hospitalization using our rich user health data sets in a responsible, secure and privacy-safe way. 

I’m most excited about being part of an incredible team that is so clearly aligned on the mission of improving healthcare. Paired with the company’s commitment to inclusion and health equity, Aledade is ahead of the pack in so many ways.