The Aledade Commitment: Success in value-based care is more than just signing a contract
April 4, 2023

By Mat Kendall, Co-Founder and President

When we launched Aledade in 2014, we did so with the mission of building a health care system that works better for patients, practices and all of society. In the nearly decade since, we have proven, time and time again, that properly-resourced, financially-aligned, and empowered primary care can save money by significantly improving patient care. 

Today, our network spans 45 states and the District of Columbia. As the largest network of independent primary care in the nation, we serve more than 15,000 clinicians, including 5,000 physicians, across more than 1,500 independent primary care practices and health centers and support their care of more than 2 million patients. 

Our recent decision to become a public benefit corporation further enshrined our mission into our corporate structure, ensuring that we keep you, your patients and your communities at the center of every decision we make.

We’ve created more than $1 billion in multi-payer savings, and secured multi-state value-based contracts with nearly every national payer, including more than 150 value-based contracts across Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and commercial payers.

In 2021, Aledade had the top ranked ACO in the nation’s flagship value-based care program called the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP). We also had four of the top 10 ACOs, and 12 of the top 30. Our members achieved a staggering $416+ million in total MSSP, commercial, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid savings, while exceeding national averages in preventive care delivery, emergency department diversion and hospitalization prevention.

We take pride in these achievements. But they are not ours alone.

We attribute this success to our clear, unwavering commitment to practices.

Our model has proven successful because we keep primary care practices and health centers right where they want to be: building strong, meaningful relationships with their patients, and thriving financially. It has worked because, right from the start, our position has been clear: we are not successful unless practices are successful, and we are focused on providing the resources to best position them for success. 

We are aligned with your practice, your patients and your community.

This means we’re committed to delivering the technology, analytics and expert support directly to your practice to enable you to improve patient experiences and outcomes, optimize operations, reduce administrative burdens, and enable care insights. 

We have worked hard to make sure that our financial incentives are transparent and aligned with our mission to serve you. We don’t charge you any hidden costs or fees. We get paid when your practice and your team at Aledade work together to improve patient care and lower costs. We get paid when we earn payments for you – not before. We deliver 100 percent downside risk protection and safeguard your ACO’s performance.

And through it all, we are delivering the support to help your patients achieve their health goals and improve their decision-making, from specialized clinical communications and compliance notifications to coverage outreach and wellness reminders – all while providing you and your staff an extensive suite of wraparound services and tools like comprehensive advance care planning and kidney care management.  

By keeping physicians like you at the center of all we do, we are staying true to the mission we set forth all those years ago – our mission of helping to create a system that’s good for patients, good for practices, and good for society. 

Succeeding in value-based care is much more than just signing a contract. 

At Aledade, everything we do is in service to you. The future of your practice means so much more to us than your signature on a dotted line. We believe that primary care organizations like yours are in the best position to lead the national transition from volume to value. You provide high quality care to your patients and communities every day. You need personalized, on-the-ground support. You need the right data at the right time. You need a partner that is committed to your success. 

And that’s why, when you join our mission and model to reinvent health care, Aledade makes a commitment to: 

  1. Protect your role as the leader of patient care;
  2. Provide the support your staff and patients need; and
  3. Share equitably – only making money when you do.

We are grateful. Grateful for your service to your patients and your community, and grateful that you are considering joining us in this important mission. There is no limit to what we can accomplish together – for your practice, your patients, and our society as a whole.

Explore the Aledade Commitment and discover how Aledade is empowering primary care to succeed in value-based care, creating healthier patients and communities, at lower cost for all.