Planning Ahead: Lifting the Burden of Advance Care Planning from Practices

March 9, 2023

On-Demand Webinar – 45 min

Discussing end-of-life care with your Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients can be difficult and time-intensive, yet it is a necessary process that enables patients to explore their future health care wishes, giving them a comfortable space for these sensitive discussions and allowing them to feel heard. Completing advance care planning conversations at the right time, with the right patients, keeps your practice team focused on the delivery of excellent care while providing your patients the opportunity to advocate for their future care, enabling better care coordination, an enhanced patient experience and improving outcomes.

The Comprehensive Advance Care Planning (CACP) process is patient-focused, which allows the patient to feel heard and gives them a comfortable space for these difficult discussions. Join Iris’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Stephen Bekanich, as he leads a free webinar, “Planning Ahead: Lifting the burden of advance care planning from practices,” and find out why it is important for physicians to encourage their patients to participate in a CACP program.

This webinar will provide an in-depth overview of comprehensive advance care planning, acknowledge the difficulties practices face when helping patients create and file their future care wishes and offer a clear roadmap for referring patients to Iris.


Dr. Stephen Bekanich | Chief Medical Officer, IRIS

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