Harness the power of patient data

February 22, 2023

On Demand Webinar – 1 hour

The digitization of health care has resulted in mountains of patient data from across the spectrum of care. However, as reimbursements and quality payments have become increasingly tied to the use of patient data to improve outcomes, ineffective technology has left primary care practices struggling to harness the power of that data. 

This has led to missed revenue opportunities, undue administrative burdens, and inefficient workflows – a trifecta of problems that has forced too many practices to choose between closing their doors or giving control to large health systems. 

Thousands of primary care practices across the country have discovered how to combat these issues with the Aledade App, a population health tool that integrates with a practice’s EHR system and gathers actionable data from multiple sources, delivering it in a user-friendly format directly to the point of care.

Join us as our expert panel explores the features and benefits of the Aledade App and discuss how this tool positions their practice for success. 

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This webinar will discuss

  • How the Aledade App serves as a one-stop shop for timely, actionable patient data and insights 
  • App features that reduce administrative burdens, improve workflows, and identify revenue opportunities 
  • Identify replicable strategies to engage patients and support improved outcomes