Navigating the Change Healthcare Cyber Incident: Aledade Insights and Support for Healthcare Providers

March 14, 2024

On Demand Webinar – 45 min

The Change Healthcare cyberattack on February 21 has significantly impacted the operational and financial capabilities of independent healthcare practices nationwide. With no expected resolution time provided, the need for immediate action and support is crucial. 

Join us for a webinar aimed at addressing the concerns and challenges faced by independent primary care practices and CHCs due to this ongoing ransomware attack. Our team will provide an update on the situation, outline the steps Aledade is taking to advocate for and support our network of providers, and offer guidance and solutions on navigating the ongoing impacts of this incident.

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This webinar will discuss

  • What We Know: An overview of the cyberattack on Change Healthcare and its implications for primary care providers in the Aledade network.
  • What We Are Doing: Insights into Aledade’s advocacy efforts with CMS, the establishment of a resource-sharing website, alternative clearinghouse options, and financial support available to affected practices 

Who Should Attend

  • Physicians and healthcare administrators in the Aledade network who have been impacted by the Change Healthcare cybersecurity incident.