What's an ACO

Better care, contracts, revenues and support - simplified.
When you join a strong Accountable Care Organization (ACO), you get access to the information, technology and tools that help you and your staff excel at quality, secure more favorable payer contracts, and achieve shared savings revenues.
How to choose an ACO
Finding success in value-based care starts with finding the right ACO partner for you and your staff.
Core Components of an ACO
Savings from higher quality, lower cost care are shared between payer and ACO, then shared with members.
Leadership and culture
With physicians in leadership roles to act as clinical champions; physicians on the governing board; and a shared commitment and accountability for improved quality and costs, ACO members can trust that decisions are made with the best interests of clinicians - and their patients - in mind.
Prior experience
A demonstrated track record of success is key. An ACO should have a history of strong performances in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) and experience with risk-bearing contracts as well as an ACO-wide focus on key preventive care measures, care coordination and patient experience.
Health IT
An ACO must deliver a robust population health tool; data capabilities that extend beyond EHR record-keeping systems; and timely availability of performance data feedback and quality improvement support to position its members for success in value-based care.
Organizational and environmental factors
Maximum success in value-based care requires an ACO to be inclusive and strategic in its physician and beneficiary makeup; committed to growth and quality scores; and include a higher proportion of primary care physicians.
Care management strategies
A strong ACO demonstrates a clear focus on decreased Emergency Department (ED) utilization; an emphasis on preventive care; documented, effective management of high-risk patients; and inclusive care management programs.
You need a great ACO
While many ACOs may offer similar services and products, great ACOs set the standard for sustainable financial success, enhanced quality performance in patient care, and support tailored to the unique needs of your organization.